Homeopathic Medicine: How to Take and Store Homeopathic Medicines?

how to take and store homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicines differ from conventional medicines due to their unique way of manufacturing.

The original substance and pure alcohol are used to make a mother tincture first. The mixture is then succussed by placing a drop of it in a measured amount of water. Succussion is a process in which a specific amount of vigorous shaking is applied to a mixture. This process is then repeated several times, depending on the medicine’s desired potency. According to some recent scientific studies, this process imbues the water molecules with an energetic imprint of the original substance.

So, how do you keep your homeopathic remedies safe?

They must be carefully stored because they are energetic medicines. If you follow the instructions given below by Reena Homoeo Healthcare Center, one of the best homeopathic clinics in Vadodara, your remedies will last for several years, giving you great value for your money!

  • Keep them cool by storing them in a drawer or cupboard. The ideal temperature range is between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius.
  • The medicines should be kept out of direct sunlight, but it’s better to have your bumps and bruises homeopathic first aid kit in your hot car than to have it cool at home when your kids fall over in the park!
  • Keep them away from any equipment that produces a strong electromagnetic field, such as your computer, hands-free home phone, or cell phone.
  • Keep them away from strong odors like essential oils and products that you might use if you have a cold, like eucalyptus rubs or ‘tiger’ balms.
  • Keep all of your remedies in one place so that you can find them quickly when you need them!
  • X-rays at the airport: Your homeopathic kit should not be x-rayed at airport security in an ideal world. If you are travelling, it is better to hand your luggage or medicines to the security personnel, who will inspect them by hand rather than using an x-ray machine.

Taking Homeopathic Medicines from the best homeopathic doctor in Vadodara are usually dispensed in one of five forms:

  • A powder (usually used for a single dose)
  • Pills (hard sugar pills)
  • Soft pills (dissolve easily in the mouth)
  • Liquids (usually in a bottle with a pipette or dropper)
  • Cream (such as Arnica or Calendula cream)

It is critical to follow the following guidelines when taking your remedy:

  • Take your medication with a clean mouth. It’s significant because the remedy is absorbed through your mouth’s delicate lining rather than your stomach. A ‘clean’ mouth has not just finished eating some food! Take your remedy at least 15 minutes after or before eating or drinking anything (although water can be taken at any time.)
  • Do not handle the pills directly because the remedy is frequently applied to the outside of the pills and touching them will result in most of the remedy ending up on your fingers rather than in your mouth! The simplest way to dispense pills is to place one in the bottle’s lid and use that to place it in your mouth.
  • Allow the pills to dissolve in your mouth by keeping them under your tongue. Don’t be concerned if your child crunches the pills; the remedy will most likely have already been absorbed. It is difficult for them to resist!
  • Wait 15 minutes after taking a remedy before brushing your teeth, as this has the same effect as eating something.

Other considerations to keep in mind when taking homeopathic medicines from Reena Homoeo Healthcare Center, the best homeopathy clinic in Vadodara.

Some homeopaths prefer that their patients avoid using mint/spearmint toothpaste while receiving homeopathic treatment, so they recommend using non-mint toothpaste. To be honest, we believe that there are very few remedies and people undergoing treatment who will be affected by this factor.

The same thing goes for coffee as well. Unless you are a particularly heavy coffee drinker, we believe it is safe to consume coffee while receiving homeopathic treatment.

Keep these things in mind so that you and your homeopathy medicines can stay safe and healthy. If you are suffering from skin, gastrointestinal, respiratory, musculoskeletal issues, contact Reena Homoeo Healthcare Center, the best homeopathy clinic in Vadodara.

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